Why MEDI-365?

MEDI-365 cabinets are modular in design and are ergonomically designed for the safe storage of medication and other medical related products. Made of premium quality steel, they provide an extremely durable, very cost effective, reliable and secure inventory management system.

MEDI-365 is ideally suited for Out of Hours / Emergency Stores, A & E Departments and Ward Based Systems with its uniqueprogressive drawer mechanism and comprehensive audit trail. When utilised as an out of hours system it can provide a medication service to a single ward or to an entire hospital.

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Using the standard software configuration, authorised staff from all departments can access MEDI-365 using a dedicated ward Mag-Stripe swipe card and/or biometric verification. Optional features within the software allow for additional data information to be captured providing a complete audit trail.

Whether dispensing in single doses or original packs MEDI-365's versatility provides a Total Control Solution. When Issuing a full pack or single dose,the system will adjust stock levels automatically, when minimum or critical stock levels are reached MEDI-365 will automatically transmit orders for Top Up to the Pharmacy Department or Supplier at the required scheduled frequency. Medi-365 fits seamlessly into current pharmacy working practices and provides greater control and visibility of inventory.

Control Authorisied Staff Access

MEDI-365 software allows you to control Users and User Groups on a wide variety of levels from nursing/pharmacy staff to external suppliers using controlled elements and features of the software. The system utilities provide flexible and controlled access to inventory within MEDI-365.

The system provides optional analysis groups i.e. Patient, Doctor and User, restricting access to Medicines and/or Medicine Groups. Combining these fexible options allows you to configure the access to inventory to be tailored so that one user can have access to all products while another is limited.

Product Identification & Recognition

All products are identified by the manufacturers' barcode label. All standards are readable by the MEDI-365 system and are used to enhance and improve the identification of all products and items. This provides fast, accurate and error free selection during the issue, return and replenishment process. MEDI-365 systems incorporate fast scan technology with up to 1100 scans per minute.

MEDI-365 systems provide the ability of displaying Product information, graphics, links and policy regimes on screen at the point of product selection. Enabling the operator to print and view all important information relative to that medicine/product. Additional optional information such as "help text" warnings can also be displayed including "audio" warnings at time of issue for each product/medicine.

Expiry Dates

Once an Expiry Date has been entered for a pack, this information will be retained until the item has been consumed. Scheduled Reports will alert Pharmacy or Supplier of any items which are due to expire within the required alert timescales. MEDI-365 provides a full FIFO process and will also alert Nursing Staff of any expired items.

Other Innovative Products from Mediwell Systems

  • MEDI-365 Locker Stacks - An add on unit for the MEDI-365 providing an economic inventory access solution for low cost, bulky or heavy items
  • MEDI-365 Fridge Lock - For connecting a medicines fridge to allow authorised access to temperature controlled medication
  • MEDI-Key - A biometric access key safe which records user transactions and controls key access



Our Products

The flexible and modular design of our systems allow for them to be easily reduced or expanded. The images shown display some examples of the various system configurations and sizes

There are multiple colour choices and finishes available for MEDI-365 Systems. Standard colours are shown below; other colours available upon request.
Sulphur Yellow
Raspberry Red
Capri Blue
Pure White
Grass Green
Antique Pink
Cobalt Blue